Glenbow Museum Visit

Our visit to the Niitsitapiisini exhibit at the Glenbow Museum, led by Jerry Potts.
Velma Crow Shoe, Jerry Potts, and Kiana Montana look in a Blackfoot object drawer in the Glenbow Collection.

On Thursday, November 14th, 2019 the University of Lethbridge Art Gallery Staff, some students, and research assistants went to the Glenbow Museum in Calgary. Elder Jerry Potts gave a tour of the Niitsitapiisini exhibit. He was involved in creating this space in the Glenbow almost 20 years ago. The space was carefully laid out, taking the visitor through the long history of the Blackfoot peoples.

Find out more about this exhibit here >

After lunch, the group was allowed to go into the Collections space. Curator Joanne Schmidt showed objects that are not currently on display. Guests were allowed to look through the drawer and cabinets where the non-sacred Blackfoot objects are carefully stored.

Kirsten Meiszinger
Kirsten Meiszinger